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"True Flight is an honest, ambitious and unpretentious album. It is a recording that, in its complexity, rejoices the beauty of simplicity.” Marcela Joya, Journalist, Contributing Writer – Jazzdelapena.com


“True Flight highlights the band’s virtuosity and offers a spectacular array of music”. Tomas Peña – Jazzdelapena.com

“True Flight is one of those albums that will rev up the blood-beat of even the casual listener to a dancing frenzy”. Raul da Gama – Latin Jazz Network"

“True Flight is evidence that they are a viable orchestra representing their community at a high level”. James Nadal – ALLABOUTJAZZ.COM  

Special Guests

Claudio Roditi

Trumpet solo on “Café Sin Leche” & “Lagos”

Cláudio Roditi (born May 28, 1946 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is a Brazilian jazz trumpeter resident in the United States.

After arriving in the United States in 1970, he began to study at Berklee School of Music, where he became musically influenced by Clifford Brown and Lee Morgan. In 1976 he moved to New York and began to establish himself as a formidable jazz figure.

He earned a Grammy Award nomination in 1995 for his "Symphonic Bossa Nova", and another in 2010 as Best Latin Jazz Album for Brazilliance

Johnny Rodriguez

Bongos on “Generoso”, “Europa”, & “Oriente”

At 17 years old Johnny earned a position playing bongos in the Tito Puente Orchestra. Johnny spent over 30 years with the Tito Puente Orchestra, also working with Tito Rodriguez from 1965 to 1968 and with Ray Barretto from 1970 until the end of 1972. Johnny went on to form ‘Tipica 73’ band in 1972, which he was with until 1979. Following this he went back to work with Tito Puente, playing alongside him until the time of Tito's death in May 2000.

Lew Tabackin

Tenor Sax Solo on “La Buena Gente”

First Place, Flute, Swing Journal Reader's poll, 4th year in a row!
Down Beat International Critics Poll 2010 - Flute.

Lew Tabackin, flutist and tenor saxophonist, is an artist of astonishing vision. His electrifying flute playing is at once virtuosic, primordial, cross-cultural, and passionate. His distinctive tenor sax style includes the use of wide intervals, abrupt changes of mood and tempo, and purposeful fervor, all in the service of showing the full range of possibilities of his instrument - melodically, rhythmically, and dynamically. Without copying or emulating jazz greats of the past, Mr. Tabackin has absorbed elements into his style, ultimately creating his own sound and aura.

Lou Marini, Jr

Tenor Sax solo on “Island Woman”

One of the most sought after session horn players on saxophone, flute and clarinet, solo artist, arranger and composer Lou Marini has electrified audiences with his "sultry, seductive and singular" sounds in jazz, rock, blues, classical music and in film and television shows and specials

He's been a member of Blood, Sweat and Tears, The Saturday Night Live Band, The Blue Brothers Band and his credits include hundreds of albums, many of which have gone platinum.


By Marcela Joya

If there is something more complicated than creating a unique sound with a distinctive touch – especially in the diverse and widely competitive New York music scene – it is, to lead and create a collective with an identifiable sound. That, one might say, is an intense endeavor. Not only maintaining the band but making it NOT resemble any other.

In Latin music, few have come close to what the orchestras of Tito Rodriguez or Mario Bauzá achieved ...

By Tomas Peña

Based out of Lehman College in the Bronx and led by percussionist, composer, and arranger, educator Victor Rendón, The Bronx Conexión Latin-Jazz Big Band brings together the excitement of big band jazz, Latin rhythms and the virtuosity of twenty-one seasoned musicians and special guests, John “Dandy” Rodriguez, Lew Tabackin, Lou Marini Jr. and Claudio Roditi.

Modeled after the standard big-band format, the ensemble draws inspiration from the orchestras of Tito Puente, Machito, Tito Rodriguez and Mario Bauza ...

La salsa es mi vida

El percusionista, educador, compositor y arreglista, Víctor Rendón es un músico como pocos en la escena del Latin Jazz, radicado en la ciudad de Nueva York, Rendón ha lanzado cuatro discos como líder, a su vez ha trabajado con personalidades como Mongo Santamaría, Chico O’Farrill , Carlos ” Patato ” Valdés, Ray Santos, Grupo Caribe, La Coalición de Jazz Latino, La orquesta de Xavier “Nuevo” Cugat, Los Más Valientes, Grupo Latin Vibe, Cubarama de Rudy Calzado, y muchos otros. Actualmente lidera The Bronx Conexión Latin-Jazz Big Band ...

By James Nadal

Latin music has been popular in New York City since the beginning of the twentieth century. The post-war migration of Hispanics into Spanish Harlem and the Bronx brought about a major cultural shift in the area, music being an essential element, and with that came a plethora of clubs and dance venues. The orchestras of Machito, Mario Bauza and Tito Puente, synonymous with the era, set the standard for the Latin music that endures today. Victor Rendón & Bronx Conexión Latin-Jazz Big Band expand on this tradition with True Flight ...

The Band

  • Victor Rendón - timbales, batá (Iyá), shekere, quijada (jawbone of donkey), frog rasp, rainstick.
  • Wilson “Chembo” Corniel - congas, batá (Itótele), campana, woodblocks, clave, ocean drum.
  • Cascadú - shekere, cajón base, batá (Okónkolo), pandeiro, cuica, triangle, cricket, tan-tan, shakers, frog rasp, woodblocks, windchimes, pods, rainstick, and other miscellaneous percussion.
  • Yasuyo Kimura – bongó & cencerro, shekere, guataca, shaker, cajón repicador, frog rasp, agogo.
  • Ron Smith - Drumset
  • Cascadú - “Island Woman” & “No Woman, No Cry”
  • Jessica Valiente - Flute
  • Al Acosta - Alto Saxophone
  • Debra Kreisberg - Alto Saxophone / Clarinet
  • Joe Stelluti, Chris Stelluti - Tenor Saxophone / Flute
  • Karl Watson - Baritone Saxophone / Clarinet
  • Anibal Martínez -  Trumpet / Flugel
  • Guido Gonzalez - Trumpet / Flugel
  • John Replogle - Trombone
  • Kathleen Doran - Trombone
  • Rick Faulkner - Trombone
  • Joe Mannozzi - Piano
  • Ray Martinez - Bass

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