True Flight Borders LogoIs a swinging affair and a testament to the ensemble’s virtuosity, versatility, and ability to create music that appeals to a wide audience.

Modeled after the standard big-band format, the ensemble draws inspiration from the orchestras of Tito Puente, Machito, Tito Rodriguez and Mario Bauza but the vast majority of the repertoire is original compositions and arrangements, composed by Rendon, Rick Faulkner, and Joe Mannozzi. Tunes that, musically speaking, run the gamut – from straight-ahead New York Mambo to danceable Latin-Jazz and Brazilian and Afro-Peruvian rhythms.


ANGA MANIA! Is our instructional DVD in which Anga demonstrates many of his systems and forms he uses to develop dexterous patterns, riffs and solos. Each example is demonstrated in a solo context then in a duet performance. In the MARCHA, GUAGUANCO and SOLOING sections Anga reveals his incomparable patterns and variations on five congas. Duet performances with virtuoso Cuban pianist GABRIEL HERNANDEZ help illustrate Anga’s ideas while he breaks-down his soloing phrases, playing each slowly and explaining the origin of each riff.

In the MIXING STLYLES section, Anga overdubs three layers of different drumming styles, mixing funk with the Cuban rhythms known as Pilon and Batumbata. He also shows how congas can bring an organic feel to the DJ-based styles such as jungle in duets with DJ GILB-R and an improvised trio segment featuring Anga playing his “Set-Cubano” mixing congas, bells, and drums (with both hands and feet) to create a phenomenal flow of rhythm. Read the Miguel "Anga" Diaz interview by Victor Rendón .

 The accompanying booklet, transcribed by Victor Rendón, serves as a clear, studious guide to Diaz’ patterns.
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 Miguel Anga Transcriptions

The accompanying booklet, transcribed by Victor Rendon, serves as a clear, studious guide to Diaz’ patterns.

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